Save Image Router

Save Image Router
Download from the Chrome Web Store here.

Having used the Save Image in Folder (link) Firefox Add-on for quite a while, I’ve been look for an equivalent Chrome extension. Despite several requests for such an extension, there have been none that offer the safe flexibility. Main reason for it probably being that Chrome does not allow saving files outside the configured downloads location. One extension does offer the context menu, but not the folder choice. Another offers both, but does not have fine-grained control over the different folder locations, such as ability to modify the file name prior to the download to certain location.

That’s why I set out to make my own extension, Save Image Router, that would fulfill the following needs:

  • Context menu on images for a direct download.
  • Direct choice of the download directory from the context menu.
  • Configurable ability to modify the file name prior to download per directory.
  • Ability to choose what happens if the filename already exists, per directory.
  • I can image more useful things, but the above are the minimum.

Obviously, because of the Chrome security rule of only saving downloads under the configured location, the directories to choose from can only be under the Chrome download location. Possibly some trickery could be done here by the user with symlinks to other locations or such, but I did not try it (check the update below).

The result is the Save Image Router extension.

If you have any ideas or feedback, feel free to leave a comment on the Chrome Web Store.

Update 2016-07-15:

If you really want to save images outside the Chrome download location, you can do the following:

Windows: From the command line (cmd.exe from start->run) type the following command (replace the paths accordingly):
mklink /D “C:\yourChromeDownloads\LinkName” “D:\yourDesiredLocation”
And point the extension to the newly create link name.

Linux/OSX: create a symbolic link to the desired directory with the following command (replace the paths accordingly):
ln -s /Path/to/desired/directory /DirectoryName/inside/Chrome/downloads
And point the extension to the newly created directory name inside the Chrome Downloads location.